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PNG cost of living: Prices of various products and services in Papua

PNG cost of living: Prices of various products and services in Papua

This article briefs you on the cost of various items in Papua New Guinea. The prices are listed in Kina currency.

These are prices for basic items in the market;

1kg Rice-K4

Eggs tray (12 eggs) – K12

1kg Cheese (local) -K3

1 litre Milk (regular) -K10

1kg Potato- K10

1Kg Tomato- K4

1kg Chicken Breasts (skinless, boneless) – K18

1 head Lettuce- K2

1 loaf of bread- K3

1Cigarettes pack- K20

Toothpaste & Toothbrush- K10

In rentals, townhouses are charged at K700- K1800 per fortnight while apartments go for K1000- K2000 per fortnight. These charges depend on location and quality of the rentals. Settlement houses are charged at K200- K700 per fortnight. On the other hand, hotels are charged at K1300 while lodges are K350 per day.

In the transport sector, various modes are available: airplanes; buses which charge K1 within the city travel and intercity at K30 to K50; taxis costing K10 to K50 depending on distance; and car hire charging K500 per day. Fuel prices range from K6 per litre.

In banking, there are several options of banks opening from 8.45 am to 3.00 pm usually from Monday through Thursday.  On Fridays, banks close at 4.00 pm. Bank of South Pacific located at Port Moresby International Airport allows the exchange of currency for all international flights offered at the port. There are also many ATMs and Eftops spread across the major town. Major credit cards like MasterCard, Visa, Diners & JCB and American Express and traveler’s cheques are accepted in most of the leading restaurants, travel agencies and hotels.

Money transfers include Western Union in South Pacific Bank branches, Telegraphic transfer, Travelex in major ANZ branches and Salim Moni Kwik (SMK) by Post PNG.

Restaurants charge different prices depending on class. Inexpensive restaurants, a meal is served at K25- K50 while the mid-range restaurants charge a meal for two at K100. A combo meal at KFC or similar eateries goes for K30. Others are;

0.5 litre domestic beer- K10

0.33 litre imported beer- K15

Cappuccino (regular) – K15

0.33 litre Pepsi/Coke- K5

0.33 litre Water- K3

Wine bottle- K12

In education, a basic textbook goes for K100 while pens, markers, and pencils go for K50. State schools charge K1500 while private schools charge K6000 per year. School uniforms go for K200 while school bus fares are charged at K1 for each trip.

In entertainment, cinemas charge K50 per movie. A TV set costs K5000, radio at K200, guitar at K300, DVD/VCD at K12 and computers for K2000- K5000. The Internet is charged at K2 per MB and overseas calls are charged at K1 per minute while the local call is at 40t.

Sportswear and sports activities range from K50 to K200. Sports shoes cost K200, and gym charges are K200, swimming at K100 and other basic sportswear at K30 each.

You can use a currency converter to change the prices listed in Kina.



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