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18 Things to visit in PNG as an expat

18 Things to visit in PNG as an expat

Papua is a potential tourism hub still at growing stages. PNG presents a wide range of places to visit and things to do.

Port Moresby Nature Park is an idyllic zoological park and botanical garden. It hosts over 150 animals including reptiles and kangaroos, native plants and 11,000 orchids.

The challenging 96km Kokoda Track is rich in war history where over 600 Australians were killed. With a 7, 000ft peak rise, it is not for the faint-hearted. It is best hiked during the dry season in May-October.

Bomana War Cemetery is the only one in PNG with white marble headstones and a Stone of Remembrance. It is the final resting place for hundreds from the Papua and Bougainville World War II.

National Museum and Gallery host over 25,000 archaeological collections and over 20,000 war relics. It also has a small selection of contemporary art like sculptures, paintings, and drawings.

Asaro Mudmen village with Papua warriors covered in mud and wearing grey mud masks is quite famous. Scenes from a war between tribes have been recreated for tourists.

PNG offers incredibly beautiful scuba diving activities. It has over 600 volcanic islands, coral walls, barrier reefs and scenic wreck dive sites with submarines, ships, and aircraft from World War II.

The Rainforest Habitat surrounding Lae City is quite magnificent. It hosts scenic cassowaries, saltwater crocodiles, raised walkways, plants, and birds, among others.

Rabual is a tropical island located off Papua northern coast. It was the main naval base for Japanese during World War II. It has beaches, scuba diving sites and has highest fish and coral diversity in the world.

Varirata National Park is a natural mountain region. It offers fantastic scenes with many birds and other wildlife.

Kanganaman is a traditional village located on Sepik River near Palimbe. Villagers have exceptional carving talents where masks, figurines, and totems are made from whittle wood. It hosts ‘spirit houses’ like Haus Tambarans.

Ela Beach is a public beach with white sand. A walk on the one kilometer is quite refreshing. It also offers sporting activities, a hotel, and an amphitheater.

Sir Hubert Murray Stadium located in Port Moresby is a place of interest. You can watch the thrilling games like rugby and others.

Lamana Hotel offers excellent customer services with culinary delights, modern accommodation suites among other facilities. It hosts the country’s most elite bars and clubs.

Mount Tavurvur near Rabaul in PNG is an active volcanic mountain. It last erupted in 1994 destroying Rabaul Town. It is a magnificent site to behold.

Kitava Island has crystal clear waters for swimming and snorkeling. It hosts lots of fish and corals.

National Parliament House of PNG is a beautiful site with a ‘’Haus Tambaran’’ design.

Hohola Mosque is the only one in Port Moresby and it is quite attractive.

Port Moresby, the capital of PNG is worth living in. It has friendly locals with diverse cultures and great dishes.



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